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2710 Kevlar Evo

Racing gloves with Kevlar Shield

The KEVLAR EVO sports gloves are filled with features - or rather covered with them! The extremely tear- and cut resistant Kevlar is not added as an extra layer to the lining as it is commonly being done. Instead, the complete back side of these gloves are made of so called Kevlar Shield. Underneath this outer shell is a layer of EASA FOAM Shock Absorber which will notably dampen any kind of kinetic energy resulting from an impact.

High quality Technalin.Gold leather on the palm as well as stretch inserts will also provide a great amount of wearing comfort and dexterity.
TEXRA Silver (back hand)
Black / Anthracite
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70% leather, 30% Kevlar Shield
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Product description

  • Extremely tear-, cut-, heat resistant and elastic Kevlar Shield on the back hand
  • High quality Technalin.Gold cowhide leather on the palm
  • Velcro strap on the wrist and on the cuff
  • Stretch inserts for good dexterity
  • Comfortable CareLock velcro
  • Moisture absorbant, anti-bacterially treated TEXRA Silver lining on the back side
  • Hard knuckle protection underneath the Kevlar Shield material
  • Carbolex protector on the edge of the hand
  • Extremely abraison resistant SuperFabric pad on the palm side
  • Foam pads on the fingers
  • Shock absorbant EASA FOAM on the back side

Contrary to ordinary usage scenarios where Kevlar material is used inside the gloves, Kevlar Shield comprises the outer shell of the gloves instead allowing for an even thinner glove without compromising the safety in any way. The material is extremely resistant to tearing, cutting and high temperatures.

In this product


EASA FOAM is a polyurethane with highly shock absorbent properties. Yet it is also flexible, offers a high freedom of movement and provides a good wearing comfort.


TEXRA lining balances the temperature by absorbing moisture in mere seconds and evaporating it. It is anti-bacterially treated, does not slip and feels soft and comfortable on the hands.


Technalin.Gold is a smooth, high-quality leather which convinces through its practically new appearance even after frequent use.


SuperFabric® brand material provides a strong resistance to cutting as well as high abrasion- and wear-resistance. It is commonly used to protect injury-prone areas.

Kevlar Shield

Contrary to ordinary usage scenarios where Kevlar material is used inside the gloves, Kevlar Shield comprises the outer shell of the gloves instead, allowing for an even thinner glove.


This high-quality hook & look closure is softer and much more comfortable to the touch.

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