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Materials wiki

The Thermotex aluminum foil reflects natural body heat and insulates it from the wind. Thermotex insulating quality prevents the loss temperature, is breathable and ensures healthy moisture exchange.
This microfibre fleece from 3M holds the air molecules on the body. The more air a material holds in a definite area, the higher the level of isolation. The microfibers in THINSULATE insulation are much finer than other fibers. Therefore, it holds more air in a certain area and offers a better isolation. Thinsulate Insulation is moisture repellant and breathable and keeps you almost twice as warm as down feathers.
TFL Cool System
Leather with solar-reflective properties (80% of the light energy will be reflected instead of being absorbed). TFL leather does not allow the surface to heat up as fast as normal leather (up to 25 °C less surface temperature in comparison) which also leads to lesser perspiration.

TEXRA lining balances the temperature by absorbing moisture in mere seconds and evaporating it. It is anti-bacterially treated, does not slip and feels soft and comfortable on the hands.

Technalin.Gold is a smooth, high-quality leather which convinces through its practically new appearance even after frequent use. Due to the excellent impregnation properties, this leather is extremely dirt resistant.
The special microfibers create a soft material with billions of air chambers. Thermax does not retain moisture but allows it to evaporate. The fine pores in this fleece ensure a controlled exchange of body heat and oxygen.